,,AREV ARTS,, Violin, Koto and Piano Ensemble is one of project by ,,AREV ARTS,,Management founded by violinist Karen Israelyan (Japan). 

The main mission of ,,AREV ARTS,,  to present japanese traditional music instrument koto collaborated with classical musical Instruments.  During the concerts japanese koto  perform traditional music as well as european composers pieces .  


Karen Israelyan - Violin

Karin Nakagawa - Koto

Sakura Yazaki - Piano


 The ensemble perform Armenian and Japanese folk music, as well as pieces by Armenian and Japanese composers. Ensemble play Armenian melodies by Komitas and  pieces  by Aram Khachaturian arranged  for violin, Japanese koto and piano.  Also ensemble  play Japanese folk music  and pieces by Japanese composer Koichi Kishi.

1-41-12 Tsurumaki

Setagaya ku

Tokyo 154-0016


Phone: +81 (0) 909 853 2031

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