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2022. ZAKURO SHOW GLOBAL VOL.2 Spiritual Fusion

Project type

Concert and Performance


December 2022


Tokyo, Nikkei Hall

The special Zakuro event [ZAKURO SHOW GLOBAL] is back! This year's feature program is even more unique, with surprises and special guests!

Part One of the program is an intricate fusion of classical music and Japanese art performance. On the stage, the immortal masterpieces of Bach for solo violin will inspire a live performance by masters of calligraphy and sword martial art iaido.

First, the stage will be taken by Karen Israelyan, a renowned violinist beloved by many Zakuro fans after last year's [Zakuro Show Global] Suntory Hall solo and collaboration performances. After that, we will welcome an international violinist Zohrab Tadevosyan - a special guest from Spain who came to Japan exclusively for the ZAKURO event. Don't miss the opportunity to hear this world-class violinist known for his faithful interpretation of Bach's music!

While the violin sings, you will immerse in a spiritual experience where Bach meets Japan's finest brush and sword. The first special guest is William Reed - a certified professor of calligraphy with the highest 10th dan in Shodo, and an internationally famous martial artist.
Next special guests are two masters of iaido. Master Hogyoku Takeda, the International Iaido Federation Hogyoku president, is the legitimate successor to the 340-year-old Mugairyu iaido license and a "modern-day samurai" who is attracting attention worldwide. Master Ogyoku Yasumura, a holder of 6th Dan in the International Iaido Federation Hogyoku, is a winner of three All-Japan tournaments: Kata, Jiyu-kumitachi, and tameshi-giri.

Part Two of the concert program will bring you something different. The Japanese traditional instruments "Aioi Ensemble" will claim the stage. Beloved and familiar to Zakuro Show fans, this group of Japan-best musicians prepared a special program where they will collaborate with Japanese dance and violin, in addition to popular pieces from their regular repertoire.

For the first time at the ZAKURO SHOW, the ensemble will perform "Arenezumi". For this, they will be joined by "Nihon Buyo" special guests Genkurou Hanayagi and Mikifuu Hanayagi from the Hanayagi school – the largest of the five major schools of Japanese dance.
In addition, Aioi Ensemble and the guest violinist will perform a special arrangement of Brahms' piece together, providing an opportunity to discover the charm of Japanese instruments from a new perspective.

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