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2018. East and West Music

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May 2018



In May 2018, Tokyo witnessed a harmonious fusion of East and West music in a captivating concert that left the audience spellbound. The event showcased two distinct yet complementary parts, each offering a unique musical experience.

The first part of the concert featured a classical ensemble of violin and piano, enchanting the audience with the timeless melodies of renowned composers. The evocative notes of the violin intertwined with the graceful chords of the piano, evoking emotions that transcended cultural boundaries.

The second part of the concert was a mesmerizing performance by the renowned Arev Ensemble. Bridging Armenian and Japanese cultural expressions, the ensemble enthralled the crowd with the soulful melodies of the violin, the enchanting allure of the koto, and the harmonious notes of the piano.

Through this splendid concert, East and West harmoniously united, creating an unforgettable musical journey that celebrated diversity and artistic unity. Tokyo's audience was left in awe of the boundless creativity and the universal language of music that knows no borders.

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